Summer Ready: Proactive Planning for Chillers

Chillers play a pivotal role in HVAC, efficiently cooling large commercial and industrial spaces. However, many overlook that acquiring a chiller is a process up to 56 weeks from the order date. Although summer may seem distant, planning for chiller upgrades requires foresight. 

What is Chiller Lead Time?

Equipment lead time, the duration from order to delivery, catches many businesses off guard when planning an upgrade or replacement. The current lead time for chillers is 40 to 56 weeks, reflecting intricate manufacturing processes exacerbated by semiconductor shortages and the time it takes for parts to be manufactured overseas. Recognizing this lead time is crucial for planning upgrades and setting expectations for project deadlines.  

Implications of Waiting

Delaying chiller maintenance until summer incurs high costs. Emergency service calls, rush orders, and potential disruptions contribute to high expenses. Emergency chiller rentals can cost tens of thousands of dollars each month.

Sunny, hot days in Florida, though distant, arrive swiftly. A malfunctioning chiller in peak cooling season can impact operations and finances. Proactive planning avoids these costly surprises and minimizes stress. 

Proactive Approach

Now, in quieter months, assess your chiller’s functionality. Schedule preventative maintenance and plan for replacement or repairs if needed. Proactivity ensures a smoothly operating chiller when it matters most. 

While the energy savings for a chiller can vary depending on different factors, chillers older than ten years typically have lower energy efficiency than newer, more energy-efficient models. 

Upgrading to a newer, high-efficiency chiller can result in significant energy savings, 10% to 30% over time. 

Rebate for Chiller Upgrade

Krauss will help you navigate Florida Power and Light’s Chiller Program to replace your old chiller with an energy-efficient model while benefiting from cost savings. Despite potential rebate incentives, investing in a new chiller represents a significant financial commitment. Nonetheless, modern chiller models have extended lifespans, making the replacement strategic. Upgrading from an older chiller can help prevent premature equipment failures, ultimately providing you with the advantage of an extended operational life.  

How Krauss Can Help

Foresight is vital with chillers. Avoid lead time surprises and summer crises. Krauss excels in chiller care and replacement. Our experienced team navigates chiller nuances, addressing concerns and providing expert guidance. We’re ready to assist with assessments, repairs, or maintenance. 

Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment to ensure your chiller faces summer heat with unwavering efficiency. 

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