Addressing Cooling Challenges in Commercial and Industrial Server Rooms

Cooling Constraints?

Automation and IT server rooms are critical components of modern businesses. Housing valuable equipment and generating significant heat due to their compact nature, these environments often face cooling and equipment management challenges.

Some common issues include:

  • Heat dissipation

  • Noise and vibration

  • Heat distribution

  • Scalability

  • Energy efficiency

  • Space limitations

  • Maintenance and monitoring

High-density data center cooling you can rely on

Maintaining precise temperature control in data centers and computer rooms is paramount to ensuring critical equipment’s optimal performance and availability.

Let Krauss Company be your trusted partner in keeping your systems cool and preventing potential disasters.

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CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units are not just climate control systems; they are advanced technologies capable of monitoring and maintaining temperature, humidity, and airflow in data centers and server rooms.


  • Chilled Water
  • Direct Expansion
  • Up flow
  • Down flow

Server Room FAQ’S

Why do server rooms have raised flooring?

Computer rooms with raised flooring can significantly enhance the efficiency of CRAC units. The raised flooring system enables CRAC units to strategically distribute cooled air by utilizing perforated floor tiles near server racks. This approach, often called the hot aisle/cold aisle strategy, ensures that cool air is directed precisely to the most critical areas within the computer room.

Impacts of Humidity

High humidity levels within a computer can lead to condensation, which poses a risk of short-circuiting and potential data loss or damage to computer components.

To prevent such issues, it’s essential to maintain humidity levels at around 60% in A1 to A4 classes of environments. Achieving this optimal humidity level is possible with a well-designed and well-maintained computer room air conditioning system.

Protect the Nerve Center of your Digital Resources

Krauss Company’s continuous and rigorous 24/7 monitoring ensures that your business or facility can rest assured knowing that your automation equipment receives efficient and effective cooling.

Additionally, computer rooms provide an ideal environment for implementing Controls monitoring Connect® mini agents.