RTU For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant

February 22, 2024


Ensuring the reliability of critical production areas is crucial for pharmaceutical businesses. With temperature and humidity control vital to their operations, a proactive approach to AC equipment replacement becomes a strategic necessity.

At Krauss, we recognize the critical nature of pharmaceutical environments, navigating businesses through strategic AC equipment replacements to uphold stringent production standards. Waiting for failure is not an option, and this business embraced planned replacements, prioritizing operational flow and product integrity.

This project replaced an existing Trane 25-ton RTU unit with an equivalent 25-ton Carrier unit for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.


1. Provide and install a replacement 25-ton Carrier unit with an adapter curb.

2. Provide a crane lift and permit as necessary to remove and set up a new unit.

3. Dispose of the old unit per EPA guidelines.

4. Connect to existing electrical as necessary.

5. Factory start, commission, and put online. 5-year complete parts and 5-year labor warranty.

6. BACnet card reconnect and programming.

7. Corrosion coatings of the condenser and evaporator coil.


Planning is the cornerstone of successful mechanical change-outs, especially when faced with the reality of long lead times for crucial equipment. For this project, the Carrier unit had a 26-week lead time. The lead time was not an issue since this specific replacement was planned with a proactive approach to facility management.

Given the sensitive product operations that run 24 hours a day, we carefully managed the replacement to ensure a seamless transition without compromising productivity.

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