Duct Cleaning

An adequately cleaned air duct system has the potential to enhance the efficiency of your facilities' HVAC system, contributing to a safer environment for both you and your employees.

Maintain a Healthy Indoor Environment

Over time, air ducts can accumulate dirt, debris, and pollutants, leading to indoor air contamination. Regular air duct cleaning and inspections are crucial for maintaining air cleanliness in commercial and industrial buildings.

    Air duct cleaning brush system inside of a duct system

    Duct Cleaning in Action

    Ensuring the proper care of your air ducts requires hiring a professional HVAC company equipped with state-of-the-art tools and trained in industry best practices.

    Krauss Company provides a planned cleaning schedule tailored to your business needs, reducing the risk of missing crucial services.

    Benefits of Duct cleaning


    Cost savings from a smooth airway can be significant. As mentioned above, systems run more efficiently without air turbulence or blockage.

    When debris and film are removed from the air ducts, it lightens the load on the amount of material that passes through the filters. As a result, filters require changing less often. 


    Over time, regular business operations will form a layer of film on your air ducts. This film can contain dust, dander, chemicals, dirt, or anything pulled into the system. 

    This higher output of energy will naturally result in higher bills. However, once the airway is cleaned correctly, your machine will again run more efficiently, lowering your energy bill. Facilities that handle hazardous materials need to have routine maintenance completed more regularly.


    When the buildup is present in an air duct system, there is a high chance that odor will be trapped and passed through the system. Unwelcomed guests, like insects or rodents, can occasionally find their way into your air duct system and make nests.

    Regularly maintaining and cleaning your air duct systems is an excellent way to keep up with these pests and any odors trapped within the buildup and system.  


      A buildup of lint, dust and other elements trapped in the air ducts are prone to catching fire as the layer grows thicker.

      This puts your whole building at risk and those in it at risk. For those with older HVAC systems, the fire risk is exponentially higher.

      Building owners and facility managers should ensure that their air ducts are inspected and cleaned regularly to obtain the advantages of improved air quality. 

      Be proactive and prepared

      With preventative service in mind, it is important to have full working knowledge of your air quality.

      Air duct cleaning improves indoor air quality, saves energy costs, extends the life of your HVAC system, and creates a clean space for any building occupants.