CARE Service® Preventative Maintenance

Peak efficiency is achieved with minimal deterioration when wear and tear is anticipated through preventative maintenance.

Customized Preventive Maintenance

Tailored to your facility’s needs, a Care® Maintenance Plan can prolong your systems’ lifespan and reassure you that they are running optimally.

    Benefit from:

    •  Preseason Major Inspections
    • Predictive Equipment Failure Monitoring
    • Periodic Operating Inspections
    • Minimized Downtime
    • Prevention of Expensive Equipment Repairs
    • Enhanced Energy Efficiency
    • Positive Impact on Your Bottom Line

    Sample Tasking Plan


    Our CARE Service® Preventative Maintenance plan offers various options, from tailored predictive and preventive programs to round-the-clock on-call and emergency service.

    Additionally, we can deploy on-site personnel to oversee critical equipment processes, ensuring the smooth operation of your vital systems. Your peace of mind is our priority.

    • Increased energy efficiency
    • Improved Bottom Line
    • Planned preventative maintenance including preseason major and operating inspections
    • Reduced downtime and avoidance of costly equipment repairs
    • Bar-coding and unique equipment identification for better tracking and asset management
    • Access to Customer Portal
    • Discovery Sound Technology (predictive)
    • And more!

    Sample PLans


    Maintained all process equipment at an R&D and manufacturing facility, including two 450-ton Carrier centrifugal chillers, 1000 ton cooling tower, air compressors, air dryers, 150 HP boilers, 50-ton air handling units, DDC controls, and all ancillary equipment and devices.


    Our team took on the challenge of enhancing a school’s HVAC system. We carefully designed and installed a brand-new system that included seventeen state-of-the-art packaged rooftop units, equipped with natural gas heating and economizers. These units were strategically placed to efficiently serve the classroom areas. Additionally, we installed two split system heat pumps with auxiliary electric heat to ensure optimal climate control in the office, lobby, and teachers’ lounge.

    To ensure the continued efficiency and longevity of these HVAC systems, we’ve committed to providing scheduled preventive maintenance services. This ongoing support will guarantee that the school will enjoy a comfortable and conducive learning environment for years.

    CARE Service® FAQ’S


    Maintenance of your commercial mechanical systems combines preventive measures and corrective actions to enhance equipment longevity. While the specifics may vary based on system types and business needs, the typical steps include:

    1. Cleaning: Clearing debris, dirt, and dust equipment to ensure optimal functioning.
    2. Inspection: Thoroughly assess motors, control systems, gas and electrical connections, valves, belts, and other components—identification and resolution of any issues detected.
    3. Lubrication: Application of lubricants to moving parts like motors, fans, and bearings to minimize friction and wear, thus reducing the risk of equipment damage.
    4. Filter Replacement: Regular replacement of filters to maintain indoor air quality and safeguard machinery from clogs and inefficiencies.
    5. Calibration: Checking and recalibrating control devices, sensors, thermostats, and gauges to uphold system accuracy.

    Comprehensive documentation during maintenance is vital. It not only tracks machinery history but also facilitates the identification of recurring issues and aids in planning future maintenance tasks.


    Every CARE Service® Preventative Maintenance plan is customized for your unique processes. Our initial visit to your facility is crucial as we thoroughly evaluate your business operations and all equipment.

    Key questions we address:

    1. Equipment Runtime: What is the daily runtime of the equipment?
    2. Performance History: How has the system been performing?
    3. Space Usage: What is the occupancy and usage pattern of the space?
    4. Energy Consumption: What does your energy bill reveal?
    5. Recent Changes: Have there been significant shifts in your energy usage recently?

    By delving into these aspects, we ensure a tailored plan that aligns with your needs and optimizes your systems’ performance.

    How can I see what is done during each visit?

    Each Care Service® Plan follows a custom tasking sheet. This sheet is a comprehensive preventive maintenance checklist for our technicians during every service. You can access all technician notes conveniently through our Krauss Customer Portal.

    Committed to safety

    We follow OSHA guidelines to ensure safe work practices, protect personnel, and reduce exposure to hazards.

    Here For you 24/7/365

    Monitoring your HVAC equipment and having planned routine maintenance is essential for maintaining your business’s comfort, health, and safety.

    Our CARE Service® Preventative Maintenance plan gives you peace of mind knowing your machinery is regularly optimized for top performance.